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Admission in GIMS

Ghazali Instute of Medical Sciences(GIMS) offers admissions in Doctor of Physical Therapy (5 years), BS Nursing (4 years), Post-RN (2 years), BS Medical Lab Technology (4 years), BS Radiology (4 years), BS Anaesthesia (4 years), BS Surgical (4 years), BS Dental (4 years) and two years Post SSC Diplomas in Paramedics in a variety of disciplines. This page gives sufficient details about the admission procedures and terms and conditions.

Rules & Regulations for Admission

Deferral of Admission

Applicantswho apply for readmission or transfer, their caseswill be reviewed and decision will be made separately, according to the facts of the parcular situaon. Supporng documentaon must be provided with the applicaon for deferment. Selected students can adjourn their admission for one semester aer paying admission fee, subject to fulfilment of eligibility requirements for the program applied to.


Those Students whose admissions have been cancelled from Ghazali Instute of Medical Sciences due to disciplinary code violaon or academic desecraonshall not be permied to rejoin any program.

Revocaon of Candidacy

The admission of a parcular student can be annulled at any stage in case of false informaon provided to the instuon. The admission commiee may refuse admission of any student without providing any reason to the student

Cancellaon of Admission

  1. The admission commiee of the Ghazali Instute has the prerogave to cancel the admission of a student at any stage of the course if the tesmonials provided at admission me or later are bogus or there is an error or a misstatement in the documents that may negavely influence the merit posion of the students.
  2. Student applying for cancellaon of admission personally or through guardian, on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 50, duly aested by an oath commissioner. Reasons for the cancellaon shall be given to the instuon. Principal may cancel his/her admission on recommendaon of the concerned commiee.

Change of Discipline

If a student wishes to change his/her discipline, he/she shall be required to submit a wrien applicaon within four weeks of commencement of classes or before registraon in their respecve affiliated body. On approval of the applicaon in the light of merit and seat availability, his/her Department coordinators shall forward student's profile containing academic and fee record to the coordinator of new Discipline and then to the principal. Aer the approval from the competent authority, the Coordinator shall refer the case to IT Department to update the record of the student.


Migration should be granted as per KMU/FPMA policy.